Redditor Claims To Have a System To Easily Earn Bitcoin

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Free Bitcoin machine that allows users to earn Bitcoin easil, in the style of Bioshock Infinite.Free Bitcoin machine that allows users to earn Bitcoin easil, in the style of Bioshock Infinite.
A Redditor’s declare a couple of Bitcoin buying and selling system that earns Bitcoin via calendar buying and selling has sparked debate inside the crypto neighborhood. Picture by Kerem Goktug Kaya, DALL-E 3.

A latest Reddit publish has ignited heated debate inside the r/CryptoCurrency neighborhood, drawing each intrigue and skepticism. The publish, authored by Redditor kbxads claiming to have cracked the code to incomes Bitcoin with ease, particulars a extremely particular buying and selling technique involving bots programmed to purchase and promote Bitcoin at sure instances every month.

Whereas the supposed technique produced astronomical returns in hypothetical backtesting, commenters have been fast to level out the implausibility of reliably timing Bitcoin’s volatile price action. They additional highlighted flaws within the Redditor’s methodology, noting that any predictable sample would doubtless vanish as soon as exploited by real-world merchants.

Calendar-Primarily based Buying and selling System Claims to Earn Bitcoin Via Month-to-month Cycles

The Redditor claims to have analyzed Bitcoin’s historical pricing data and recognized sure recurring traits. They imagine that demand for Bitcoin fluctuates relying on the date.

Throughout backtesting, by promoting close to the first of every month, then repurchasing across the fifteenth at a cheaper price, the Redditor asserted they’ve turned 1 Bitcoin into 15 in simply 5 years.

“My perception is that folks have essentially the most cash initially/finish of a month and least within the center. They get salaries across the thirtieth they usually have payments to pay across the fifteenth,” the publish learn. “Armed with this perception, I calculated all of it with Bitcoin historic costs on Spreadsheet from Jan 2015 to Jan 2023.”

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Supply: kbxad’s Excel spreadsheet, detailing backtesting purchase and promote orders to show 1 BTC into 15 in 5 years.

The person stated they plan to place actual cash behind this trading strategy, regardless of acknowledging that liquidity points may come up as soon as the Bitcoin holdings get too massive. They promised to report again in 5 years on whether or not the buying and selling bot truly delivered the returns steered by historic backtesting.

Skepticism Towards Redditor’s Buying and selling Bot Method

The Redditor’s declare elicited skepticism, with many dismissing the concept as unrealistic.

“You do understand if it was straightforward sufficient so that you can discover, EVERYONE would have discovered it, particularly the monetary world,” a Redditor voiced their skepticism. “This has obtained to be bait, and I’m [not?] falling for it.”

“I’m skeptical, since you say with 100% certainty, that you just discovered a solution to sport the system. Many have claimed that and all have failed,” another Redditor replied.

Whereas some clung to hope the buying and selling system may work, most agreed the possibilities of reliably predicting Bitcoin’s costs are slim to none. The consensus appears to be that promised outcomes appear indifferent from actuality and any benefit would disappear as soon as exploited by any variety of folks. Nonetheless, the Redditor’s confidence of their technique appears excessive.

Time will inform whether or not this controversial method manages to earn any Bitcoin or just falls prey to the identical pitfalls which have foiled numerous buying and selling techniques earlier than it. For now, the cryptocurrency neighborhood appears extremely uncertain, however barely curious to see the ultimate ends in 5 years—if the Redditor lasts that lengthy.

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