Mysterious mouse mummies found in Mars-like conditions on Andean mountain peaks

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Mysterious mouse mummies found in Mars-like conditions on Andean mountain peaks

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With freezing temperatures of all the way down to minus 40 degrees Celsius (minus 40 levels Fahrenheit) and vegetation a whole lot and generally 1000’s of meters under the mountain tops, the summits of the Andes mountains keep an especially harsh atmosphere.

So how did a species of leaf-eared mouse make this barren land their house?

That’s the query a staff of scientists from Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and the United States need to reply after discovering 13 mummified mice at elevations above 6,000 meters (19,685 ft) within the Atacama Plateau of Chile and Argentina. Their discovery additional proves the species is the world’s highest dwelling mammal, in response to the examine recently published in Current Biology.

The mice, referred to as Phyllotis vaccarum, are generally discovered dwelling within the Andes mountains at decrease elevations, all the way in which down to sea degree. In 2020, a dwelling mouse was recorded on the summit of Llullaillaco, a volcano with an elevation of 6,739 meters (about 22,110 ft) on the border of Chile. It at present holds the world report for highest living mammal, stated Jay Storz, co-study creator for the brand new and 2020 research.

The invention of the dwelling mouse spurred Storz to conduct expeditions at 21 completely different volcanoes. The 13 mummified mice had been discovered on the Salín, Púlar and Copiapό volcanoes.

The summits of the Andes mountains are harsh environments with no vegetation, freezing temperatures and winds at over 100 miles per hour.

“Each time that we’ve discovered something at these tremendous excessive elevations, we’re utterly blown away,” stated Storz, a biology professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. “It’s actually onerous to overstate how inhospitable these environments are.”

On the summit of those volcanoes, every breath of air solely comprises about 40% of the oxygen that’s obtainable at sea degree, Storz stated. The temperatures additionally hardly ever rise above freezing, and the wind forces are extraordinarily sturdy, as soon as recorded at over 116 miles per hour from a Nationwide Geographic climate station at 6,505 meters (21,342 ft).

Moreover, the atmosphere has been described to be Mars-like. In 2021, NASA researchers had studied the atmosphere in efforts to “perceive how the constructing blocks of life may reply to Martian circumstances over time,” according to its website.

Whereas the circumstances aren’t supreme for dwelling creatures, they create good circumstances for preservation, because the mice are basically freeze dried, Storz stated. In regular circumstances, mummified mice are onerous to come back by since most deaths are attributable to predators. However excessive up within the mountains, the mice haven’t any predators.

The researchers carried out radiocarbon dating — a technique that makes use of the quantity of carbon from organism materials to estimate its age — which indicated the oldest mummies to be not more than 350 years previous, whereas some may have just lately died, in response to the examine.

Storz pointed to earlier studies of the rodent, the place archaeologists had thought the mice for use as part of Incan rituals. Because the samples aren’t as previous because the Inca civilization (over 500 years), that idea has been dominated out.

“It’s nonetheless a thriller as to why they’re there — why they’d ascend to those excessive elevations — however it’s additionally clear that they obtained there on their very own,” Storz stated, who additionally famous that the staff discovered proof of energetic burrows on the excessive elevations.

The staff of researchers are at present conducting analysis on 31 live-trapped mice, together with the record-holder mouse, to try to know how the species can survive within the excessive circumstances, Storz stated. The analysis can even embrace analyses of their intestine contents to seek out what the mice have been consuming.

One idea is that the mice eat lichens, a mix between a fungus and an alga, Storz stated, that can also be a typical a part of some Arctic mammal diets, one other instance of a harsh, barren atmosphere. The lichens, in addition to different mosses and small arthropods develop from the outflow of water vapor and scorching gases from the volcano’s soil crust, Emmanuel Fabián Ruperto, an ecologist on the Argentine Institute for Dryland Research in Mendoza, Argentina, instructed CNN in an electronic mail.

A second idea is that plant fragments, small bugs and different dietary assets are carried to the highest of the mountains by the wind, Fabián-Ruperto stated.

“Life at such excessive elevations was believed to be unimaginable for mammals,” Fabián-Ruperto stated, who was not concerned within the examine. “These observations surpass earlier data within the Himalayas and different mountain ranges, difficult what we thought we knew about species’ survival capabilities.”

The leaf-eared mouse weighs an average of 55 grams (about 1.9 ounces). With additional analysis, scientists are hoping to learn the way the tiny mouse can keep a gradual physique temperature at such excessive altitudes, when the speed of warmth loss may succumb the mouse to hypothermia and demise inside minutes, Fabián-Ruperto stated.

One most important motive for the species’ success may very well be its adaptability in greater altitudes, the place the mice have been noticed to be energetic through the daytime, as an alternative of nocturnal like its lower-altitude counterparts, Storz stated.

“Life all the time appears to discover a manner irrespective of how hostile the atmosphere is likely to be,” Storz stated. He hopes this discovery illuminates how evolution can equip animals to dwell in environments initially regarded as uninhabitable.

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